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InternetBanking 24

A complete bank from your computer

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Benefit 1 Free of charge for all accounts
Benefit 2 Make faster, cheaper payments than at a branch
Benefit 3 Constant access to all the services you use
Benefit 4 Do everything from your computer
ČSOB InternetBanking 24

Internet banking is more than just making payments

  • modify your account, cards and loans
  • track your investments and mortgage
  • change how bank statements or information messages are sent
  • top-up mobile phone or request a loan
  • easily log-in or confirm payments with a ČSOB Smart Key app

Need help?

Please leave us your contact and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

  • How it works

You can get internet banking free of charge for any current account. You will get access to it automatically, or at a later date at one of our branches.

Easy to arrange
All you need is one national identification document. You will be given your access details – identification number and PIN – on your first visit.

Would you like to explore internet banking?
Try the demo version. Enter payments andcheck out a virtual account.

  • Features and benefits
  • Info 24
  • Technical requirements
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Documents to download

Internet banking gives you control over your finances whenever you need it. It’s cheaper, faster and more convenient than visiting a branch.

  • Keep track of all your accounts – balance and payments tracking for current, savings and credit accounts
  • Keep an eye on everything else – you can track your investments, pension savings and the state of your mortgage
  • Simple and quick payments – arrange one-off and regular payments, including international payments; enter, change or cancel payments for utilities and direct debit, all at lower costs than at a branch
  • Top-up your mobile phone - including virtual operators
  • The key to your card – you can find payments that have not yet been settled, set card limits, enable online payments (3D Secure) and temporarily block your card
  • When you need more money – you can see how much we have pre-approved for you, and then apply for a loan

Our internet banking can do all this and much more:

Carry your bank in your pocket
If you find internet banking useful and have a smartphone or tablet, you are sure to like our SmartBanking app.

Keep a constant eye on your account and cards
Set up the Info 24 information service and we will send you an email or text message whenever you authorise a card payment or when the balance changes on your account.

Non-stop assistance
Our technical support service is available 24 hours a day at +420 495 800 111, or by e-mail,

Internet banking is protected by the maximum possible security – covering both log-in and payments. You can choose which confirmation system is most convenient for you: SMS Key, chip card or via the new ČSOB Smart Key app for smartphones and tablets. All communication is encrypted, of course.

Easy Billing
Now you don’t have to rewrite invoice details when you want to make a payment. Bills from O2, MF Dnes and UPC, for example, will appear in your internet banking system and you can pay them with a single click.

Info 24 lets you keep a constant eye on your account and card via text messages or e-mail alerts. You have all the important information at hand – you get a message after every payment or card transaction, with the actual balance.

Examples of other information we can send you:

  • non-execution of a payment order if there are insufficient funds in your account
  • current balance (at any time and day you select)
  • ordering domestic or international payments

Tip: Set up the service yourself in ČSOB InternetBanking 24 or with the help of a banker by calling 800 300 300.

Internet browser (with 128-bit encryption, allowance of scripts and cookies and the latest updates)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or higher
  • Mozilla FireFox 30.0 or higher (excluding users of smart cards)
  • Google Chrome 30 or higher
  • Opera 15 or higher
  • Safari 9.0 or higher
  • Microsoft Edge (excluding users of smart cards)
Operating system (with the latest updates)
  • Windows 7 – Service Pack 1
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10
  • macOS
Also required for electronic signatures
  • SecureStore application
  • Intel Pentium, AMD processor (or equivalent)
  • display resolution 1024 x 768 pixels or higher
Memory 512 MB or more
Also required for electronic signature
  • chip card reader
  • chip card with valid certificates

We are sorry, but this content is available only in the Czech language.

ČSOB InternetBanking 24

See the correct way to pdf enter international payment orders

Program for administering of the Starcos 3.0 chip card in the MS Windows environment

alt alt

Note: before installing the new version of SecureStore, take the chip card out of the reader, uninstall the existing application and restart your computer. Then you can begin the new installation. See the instructions in the SecureStore installation manual.

Program for administering of the ID Prime MD chip card in the Mac OS X environment.

Program for administering and using of ID Prime MD chip cards in the MaC OS X environment, including controllers for chip card readers offered by the bank.

  • Payment confirmation
  • ČSOB Smart Key
  • Security recommendations

Choose how you will confirm payments and log in to Internet banking.

  • ČSOB Smart Key – a quick and convenient application for smartphones and tablets
  • SMS Key – confirmation codes sent as a standard text message to any mobile phone
  • Chip card with an electronic signature

If you have a smartphone or tablet, ČSOB Smart Key means you don’t have to copy a code from an SMS Key when you log in to Internet banking and when approving payments. It makes everything quicker and easier.

How ČSOB Smart Key works

1. Log-in or enter a standard transaction, as usual
2. Receive a confirmation notification on your phone to launch the application
3. Confirm the payment with the application PIN

That’s it!

If your phone is not connected to the Internet with ČSOB Smart Key you can scan the payment’s QR code, which generates a confirmation code for Internet banking.

How do you install and set up the key?

Download the app from Google Play, Appstore or Windows Store, depending on your operating system.





Windows Phone



Before first use, activate the Key in your Internet banking – go to Set-up> Security > Smart Key.

You can also activate the service at an ATM by scanning the QR code of the receipt or at a branch.

Although we try to make our Internet banking as secure as possible, there are some things beyond our control. Here are some recommendations:

  • Be careful when using your personal data, identification number and PIN – we never ask for your details, apart from when you access the secure area of our electronic banking. If someone asks you for your card number, access data, password or other details either over the phone, by email or on a social network, it may be a scam.
  • Watch out for changes in the web site’s appearance, unusual instructions to install additional security features, or additional verification of payments already made.
  • Install antivirus software on your computer, or use a firewall. Use legal and regularly updated software.
  • Always use a device that is fully in your control and whose security settings you can control for receiving confirmation codes (SMS key) or for logging in via Smart Key.
  • Be wary: e-mails and email addresses are easy to manipulate for fraudulent purposes.
  • Only use devices that are fully under your control for sending SMS Keys or confirmations via ČSOB Smart Key. We recommend using devices that are equipped with regularly updated antivirus software.
  • Watch out for e-mails in bad Czech/English, with errors or content that is not trustworthy – do not open e-mail attachments and don’t click on links.
  • Don’t fall for tricks like warrants of execution or references to orders you didn’t place, etc.
  • If you are unsure, always contact the sender of the message, but use a different contact method – e.g. by phone. You can call the bank at +420 495 800 111
  • Read dialogue boxes displayed by the computer. Pay attention to requests for changes to your settings.

For more information, go to (in Czech)

Charges for the most common services and transactions

Establishing the service 1)

free of charge

Monthly charge for maintenance of the service for currently offered personal accounts

free of charge

SMS messages for logging in and confirming transactions

free of charge

Sending information per SMS


Sending information by e-mail

free of charge

Repeated PIN issuance

CZK 100

Outgoing domestic payment


Transfers between different accounts of the same client (up to 1,000 a month)

free of charge

Standing orders (per outgoing item; does not apply to loan instalments)


Direct debit, SIPO (household utilities payments) (for outgoing payment items, does not apply to repayments on loans)


Outgoing international payment to a ČSOB client in the Czech Republic and Slovakia


Outgoing SEPA transfer up to EUR 50,000 2)

CZK 250

Outgoing international payment in CZK and foreign currency and incoming payment in foreign currency

1%, min. CZK 250, max. CZK 1,500

1) The ČSOB InternetBanking service comes with the the ČSOB Phone Banking .

2) SEPA transfers are payments in EUR within the Single European Payment Area (SEPA), i.e. EU/EEA countries, Monaco and Switzerland, stating the payer’s and recipient’s account number in IBAN format, the payer’s and recipient’s banks in BIC format, the SHA bank charges code and with no specific processing demands.

Can’t find what you are looking for? You can find all our charges in our Price List.

Need help?

Please leave us your contact and we will get back to you within 24 hours.